About Us

It is important that businesses recognize the true scale of their data asset. Today, it is one of the most valuable parts of a business and is equally one of the most vulnerable.

Companies of all sizes are using new technologies such as cloud computing, but just as these help improve your productivity, so they increase the risk to your data.  If something goes wrong, it affects your whole business.

Stuff happens. Let’s deal with it

And it will go wrong. There is no point in pretending things won’t. We see data and security breaches every day in the news, and even large organizations are poorly prepared for the reality of such a situation. The threats perpetually change and the playing field shifts daily.

Conventional security models alone are not working. Businesses are still operating on the assumption that everything inside their perimeter can be trusted. This is not the case. Your perimeters need enforcement or you leave yourself open.

We believe in changing the business mindset. Instead of hoping a problem won’t happen, we accept that it will. And we work on preparing for it, instead of fighting a losing battle.

Our plans are for life, not for filing

We can help you ensure continuity and reduce the commercial impact of a breach by planning for the worst case scenario. But not just an unrealistic plan to put away in the filing cupboard!  We help you with practical plans that will actually work when something does go wrong.

Our practicality gives your business bounce

We can build resilience in your business. We will help your business to bend rather than to break when there is a breach and invest wisely so that your company can bounce back. We ask the practical, down to earth questions:

We work with you on these questions and develop a practical action plan to protect you and your business.

Big firm expertise, with a small firm attitude

We can assure you that the team working on your account will be made up of senior consultants – experts with years of experience. Many of our people come from a Big Firm background, so you benefit from all the same expertise, but with a friendly and team focused approach. We work as your partner and build trust in terms of the way we manage and administer your account. We are honest and transparent.

Accuracy and rigor equals quality

Technical accuracy and rigor is vital for us in terms of getting real results for you and delivering a top quality service. We aim to help you understand how the appropriate regulatory, authentication and data privacy elements can be built into your digital environment.

We can assess what you have, recommend improvements and help you plan for the future. We cover four key areas:

Cyber Resilience
Cyber Insights
Cybercrime Intelligence
Cyber Solutions